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Interview on G20 with Prof. Dr. Dr. Radermacher, Club of Rome

Prof. Dr. Dr. RadermacherProf. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher, Germany – Founder of the Global Marshall Plan, Chairman, Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing and Member of Club of Rome. He holds a faculty position for Data Bases / Artificial Intelligence at the University of Ulm.

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What is the importance of G20?

The world is lacking a functional global governance system. The UN system is not the right kind of system. It has got too many actors and is also limited strongly by the role of the security council. The G8 was a representation of the club of rich countries which is limited in global outrange. The G20 occupies a kind of middle-ground. The number of states involved is limited to a certain extent by the number of 20. Still 2/3 of world population and almost 90 % of global GDP is represented. That is a good basis to be relevant and to have power. Of course, to really show power, the G20 states have to agree on meaningful issues. The ability to agree will on the long run determine power and relevance of G20.

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