G20 Foundation Lecture at Alma Graduate School, University of Bologna

  • February 28, 2014
  • News

The G20 Foundation had kindly been invited to speak at the Alma Graduate School about Green Growth, Sustainability and Climate Change. Victor Philippenko and Bettina Meyer-Breiting travelled to the beautiful Villa Guastavillani in Bologna to give the this G20F lecture in front of the Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses and other MBA-track-students.

Mr. Philippenko introduced the audience to the G20-process, its challenges and the work the G20 Foundation was doing. Ms. Meyer-Breiting focused on the marketing-opportunities that Green Growth was offering for both companies and countries alike, but also warned that Green Growth was not a cure-all despite its necessity. The MBA-students asked many questions and discussed the matter vividly. After the end of the official lecture, they engaged the representatives of the G20 Foundation in deeper conversations posing interesting approaches. 

We would like to thank Professor Lorenzoni, Professor Ferriani and Professor Pastore for having us and Anna Romani for taking care of the organization. We are looking forward to establishing a closer cooperation with the Alma Graduate School.