Our approach

We understand the G20, its processes and setup:

As it is our mission to make an impact this is based on a thorough understanding of the current G20 set up, its processes and its history. Our participation in G20 events is central to build up this understanding.

We are informed about the current G20 agenda:

Being able to talk and educate public about the G20, the need for a stronger global governance framework and impacts of decision on stakeholders requires staying up to date about the G20 agenda, the goals of the presidencies and the local national positioning regarding specific topics.

We involve stakeholders to gain insights from them and derive their needs for support/guidance:

Our knowledge build up requires the input of various stakeholders such as former, current and prospective members of the Sherpa teams, the Chairs of Outreach groups and those taking on a leading role in the process. They can be involved through events and expert sessions with clients as well as interviews and questionnaires.

We establish partnerships with renown research institutions:

Alliance partnerships help us combine the distinct know-how of individual research centers and think tanks and link them on a broader level in order to derive advice for the G20 presidency and its stakeholders.

Our approach

To governments, institutions and companies we are willing to offer the following:

To support the decision making on the G20 level by providing independent research and data from the Outreach groups and other relevant stakeholders

To educate and provide transparency on the G20 Process for the G20 Presidency as well as national governments, Outreach groups, and those not included in the G20 process today

To analyze the gap for implementation and shortcomings of the process to help support its strategic development accordingly

To collect feedback and best practices from G20 Summit and Outreach groups, to facilitate the agenda setting process as well as the event planning and establishment of tracks (e.g., financial track) of the G20 presidency

To facilitate the Dialogue for national implementation of the G20 commitments and other action items that have been decided upon on the G20 level (Leaders’ Declaration) with national governments and stakeholders