The concept behind

Following the G20 Leaders’ commitment to “pursue consistent and effective engagement with non-members, regional and international organisations, including the United Nations, and other actors, including civil society”, and based on the results of outreach activities undertaken by previous presidencies, G20 Foundation promotes an extensive Outreach Dialogue to enhance legitimacy and efficiency of the G20 process.

G20 Foundation is aimed at ensuring that G20 decisions carry the consent of and have the desired impact on all sectors of society. Therefore, the core principle of the Outreach Dialogue is to allow that proposals from all the mentioned groups are carefully studied, discussed and transmitted to the G20 decision-making level.

Based on this approach we will strive to organise dialogue with outreach partners and groups in a way that leads to formulating concrete proposals to the G20. To make sure that these proposals are properly considered, G20 Foundation will manage the outreach activities in the way that gives enough time for discussing the contributions from different outreach groups, including at the G20 Sherpas meetings.

Governance innovation

The objective of the “Outreach Dialogues” is to involve all relevant G20 stakeholders like businesses, civil society, academia, labor organisations and youth in a structured and transparent communication process to generate cross-sectoral synergies and enhance the public benefit of the G20 process.

The added value of the Outreach Dialogue

By enhancing the Outreach Dialogue with the national Outreach Groups including business circles, labor unions, civil society, future leaders, academia and think-tanks, we will not only ensure legitimacy, transparency and efficiency of the G20, but also expand our vision, come up with better solutions, and generate cross-sectoral synergy to enhance the public benefit of the G20.

Proposed approach of mixing formats will allow achieving synergetic effect in their recommendations to national government, feeding the discussions of the G20 policy-makers and enriching the G20 Summits’ documents.

Broader public consensus and understanding of the G20 commitments will lead to higher accountability and effectiveness of a governance process. Conclusion between the Outreach Groups will support the implementation of the G20 commitments on a national level.

Stakeholders within national G20 process:

  • Sherpas, Members of Sherpa offices and involved ministries
  • Representatives and members of the official Outreach Groups
  • International Organisations
  • Other G20 related stakeholders