Danielle Posa is currently the founder of Efileno. As an advocate for global change and development, she personally consults with clients who have a commitment to wellbeing, sustainability, and/or social advancement. Her consulting work primarily consists of developing purpose driven long-term strategies, marketing, and sales training and development.

As a former management consultant for Gallup her mission was to connect the world’s private and public sector leaders with Gallup’s research on wellbeing. Her efforts encouraged them to broaden their focus from traditional metrics such as GDP to include measures that reflect the quality of life of the people they lead and influence. Key responsibilities included developing strategies/interventions to enhance the engagement and wellbeing of corporations and cities, managing client relationships, and creating lasting impact. Danielle also served as the liaison between Gallup and Senior Scientist Deepak Chopra, where together they focused on exposing Gallup’s wellbeing research to the world.

Danielle received a B.S. in international business & marketing from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. She’s a cancer survivor, a 2 time triathlete, and public speaker on the topics of cancer and wellbeing. She is also on the board of Women’s Centers International, an organization that teaches entrepreneurship and leadership skills to women living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.