The G20 Foundation is a independent platform for governance innovation, aiming at creating a framework for a better global governance.

Our mission: Support the implementation of the G20 commitments through the facilitation of  “Outreach Dialogues”. We involve all relevant G20 stakeholders like businesses, civil society, academia, labor organizations and youth in a clear, transparent and structured communication process to generate cross-sectoral synergies and enhance the public benefit of the G20 process.

We add value through: Broader public consensus and acceptance of the G20 commitments which leads to higher accountability and raises effectiveness of a governance process. We are impartial and ignite constructive and effective discussions in order to support the implementation of the G20 commitments on a national level. Thereby we foster the development of innovative solutions to problems, such as global economic stability and sustainable growth.

Who we are

The Founders of the G20 Foundation are between the ages of 25-45, with varying backgrounds and careers as entrepreneurs, business, financial and society leaders with aproven track record of achievement and excellence . As young, leading professionals they have come together as Generations highly affected  by the results of past and current debates on sustainable growth and economic stability, and believe to be in a position to influence the implementation of solutions. They are united by their values and interests to shape a better global future, as well as the strong desire to efficiently provide innovative ideas to the G20 agenda.

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What we do

We act as a facilitator by providing a platform for international experts and professionals with a focus on innovation-driven communication within the G20

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What we stand for

For those who were born in the 70’s – 80’s, today‘s world seems small.  They speak multiple languages and regard cooperation as a requirement of success. They overcome cultural borders in their everyday life. They take into account the global consequences of their actions. They take responsibility. Moreover,  they are looking for a platform that enables them to create ideas with an impact on the political agenda. Some describe us with the catchword Millennials, we call us Young Globals.

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