Our role within the G20 process

The G20 Foundation positions themselves between the G20 member states, the G20 presidency as well  as the individual Outreach groups.

The Foundation serves as a platform and catalyst to ensure continuity of the G20 process, improve communication among all stakeholders and strengthen the implementation of a set of actions that has been agreed upon on the Outreach and Leaders level.

We act as a facilitator by providing a platform for international experts and professionals with a focus on innovation-driven communication within the G20.

Pre and Post Summit Process

Advisory & Feedback Mechanism

  • Support the decision making on the G20 level by providing independent research and data from the Outreach groups and other relevant stakeholders
  • Educate and provide transparency on the G20 Process for the G20 Presidency as well as national governments, Outreach groups, and those not included in the G20 process today
  • Analyze the gap for implementation and shortcomings of the process to help support its strategic development accordingly
  • Collect feedback and best practices from G20 Summit and Outreach groups, to facilitate the agenda setting process as well as the event planning and establishment of tracks (e.g., financial track) of the G20 presidency

Post-Summit Implementation

  • Facilitate the Dialogue for national implementation of the G20 commitments and other action items that have been decided upon on the G20 level (Leaders’ Declaration) with national governments and stakeholders
  • Set up project groups for implementation topics
  • Example: Combat youth unemployment through the establishment of vocational training / apprenticeships
  • -> the G20 Foundation can facilitate the formation of a working group with the national government, CEOs, and Academia by accessing relevant resources from “best practice countries”
Our Stakeholders

G20 Governments

  • Develop innovative solutions and share best practices for challenges on the G20 agenda and international cooperation
  • Contribute to  transparency in the overall communication process
  • Create a broader public consensus for G20 commitments

Major G20 Stakeholders: Business / Academia / Society / Youth

  • Initiate a communication process between major stakeholders of G20 process
  • Provide a platform which fosters our collective chance to successfully face global challenges and create a brighter future.
  • Preparation & qualification of young executives & future decision makers leading to more efficient and successful international cooperation

Young Globals and Millennial Generation

  • Create a collective voice Millennials of G20 economies
  • Monitor the implementation, ensuring that voice of Millennials is being heard by the G20 governments
  • Support and facilitate young initiatives on G20 topics
  • Select and prepare delegates for international summits, e.g.