Dr. Steven O’Brien is a widely published writer, academic, journalist and editor. He has been active in the field of cultural diplomacy for many years. His current roles include advisory positions to the Institute of Human Dignity in the Vatican and the Centre for Issues and Crisis Management in London. He is also the editor of The London Magazine, Britain’s oldest journal of the arts and literature.

He has spoken about the need to construct dialogues of reconciliation at conferences in the Middle East, in Latvia and to select committees in the British Parliament. In 2015 he was awarded the title of Peace Ambassador for Iraq in recognition of his contributions to debates surrounding the refugee crisis in the Middle East.

In the field of consultancy Steven has a wide experience of advising clients and institutions on matters of education, investments and international affairs.

Steven is Visiting Fellow of Writing at University College Chichester and he also teaches at the University of Portsmouth. He holds a PhD from the University of Sussex.