G20 Foundation as a Platform for International Facilitation

We act as a facilitator by providing a platform for international experts and professionals with a focus on innovation-driven communication within the G20.

Therefore we:

Coordinate communication between major G20 stakeholders:

Develop innovative solutions and share best practices for challenges on the G20 agenda by contributing to transparency in the overall communication process and creating a broader public consensus for G20 commitments

Provide a framework for analysis of topics attached to G20 agenda:

Combining impulses from politics, economics, academia, private and public organization at national and international level to foster focused public discussions on the G20 agenda and commitments

Support the implementation of G20 action items in individual countries:

Reinforce the post-summit implementation process of selective items decided upon on the G20 level in cooperation with various stakeholders from the member countries

Increase international cooperation:

Establish new approaches for international cooperation by connecting leading personalities from all relevant sectors worldwide on specific issues. This is an opportunity to unite cultures, countries, and people based on shared ideals..

Foster innovative thinking:

Build a platform for motivated personalities with international background and mindset while giving voice and visibility to the decisive challenge of sustainable innovation